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Webinar DigitalGlobe: forest health

This English webinar can be viewed here:

The webinar describes an analysis for Sveaskog and the Forest Agency to find sick and dying forests that contributed to the spread of bark beetles in Sweden.
GIS Analysis, let experts in TerraNor assist

2D analysis presented in 3D
TerraNor can offer a variety of GIS analyzes, such as:
  • overlay and buffer analyzes with link to property data
  • network analyzes such as shortest distance, buffer and overlay
  • combination of area and network analysis reclassification areas
  • terrain analyzes with elevation, slope and aspect theme map
  • the results are presented in text form and with visualization in 3D or regular 2D maps
  • Linking maps and customer property tables opens up great opportunities
  • advanced analysis and customization of data
  • radio coverage map

Radio coverage map, built with 3D model and shown in 2D.
Facilitate data: Analyzes require well-structured data. Data from Oracle Spatial, Geomatica, Arc Info and the corresponding GIS will normally have good quality. TerraNor can organize data before analyzes.

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