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Ortophoto production
TerraNor uses Geomatica Orthoengine in orthophoto production. Source can be aircraft and satellite images scanned from film, directly from spectral instruments or from radar. The images are geometrically corrected before a model is created over the desired area by merging images in a mosaic. The example below is from Toronto Sports Station.

Orthoengine enables automatic merging of an unlimited number of digital images from aircraft or satellite. The automatic routines can remove different shadow / light values between the images that are put together.

Orthophoto is composed of 4 different data sets

Data compiled from multiple strips of data, whether from airplane or satellite, will have different color tones. We can even out these tones to give the image a smooth image with no distinct differences between the images.

With automatic color smoothing, image differences can completely disappear.

Pan Sharpening
Geomatics' pan sharpening algorithms are designed for the new generation of high-resolution satellite images. Our latest Pan Sharpening algorithm makes it fuse high resolution pan chromatic (s / h) with low resolution multispectral (color) image for a new high resolution color image. The new high-resolution color image retains the original subjects and provides better visualization and interpretation. Combined with PCI Geomatics modeling routines for high-resolution satellites and new atmospheric corrections, one can produce a lot accurate ortho-rectified Pan Sharpened images from most sensors.

TerraNor can offer a variety of image analysis and image processing:
  • cloud / water vapor removal
  • classification of images
  • data creation
  • conversion between different data formats and coordinate system
  • web facilitation
  • batch processing of large amounts of data 

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